Protein Cooking Episode 4: McNee’s Got Balls!

Posted by on May 4, 2010 in Recipes

It everyone’s protein packed favorite, MEATBALLS!!!

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  • McNee cooks a weight loss surgery friendly recipe
  • It’s meatballs!


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5 Responses to “Protein Cooking Episode 4: McNee’s Got Balls!”

  1. MMMMMMMM they are a must do Rob! I wish I could eat or I’d make some today! AND I MUST have that recipe for homemade worcestershire sauce. Soon buddy. Good job!

  2. You can get the recipe here –

    I need to make some in the next few weeks, I suppose I could video tape it. Maybe I’ll “get sauced” and show how to do some hot sauce too..

    and I think Mike has way too much fun editing my stuff.

  3. T2Nashville says:

    Patrina – the homemade worcestershire sauce recipe is somewhere on the Food & Recipes section. Hope you can find tamarind somewhere in Canada. :)

    Rob – you’re getting really good at this cooking thing. These look yum!

  4. these look amazing and the carrots and zucchini wow never thought of that. I am wondering though, as I cook for 2 children that would think I am crazy to put those 2 items in their meatballs, that if I were to puree’ the carrots and zucchini would I still us the same amount of tomato sauce?

  5. punkbright says:

    ashley – just dont tell them that they are in there. they’ll never know the difference.

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