Episode 92: Pizza Soup

Posted by on Sep 23, 2010 in Honeymoon Period, Recipes

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On this week’s BariatricTV we introduce The Drop Zone segment highlighting your before and afters. We discuss when you should stop posting and go see your doctor. We let you know about a red carpet event in the weight loss surgery community that you’re all invited to! And were laying down a challenge to other WLS communities. We then finish things up with a soup that tastes just like a pizza! Really, it tastes just like a pizza!!

NOTE: This week we are introducing a new flash player. The player has HD capabilities which will give you much better video quality, especially when viewing full screen. You will however need to have a fast enough connection to handle the higher data rate. To toggle HD on and off just click the HD button.

We have also added some social networking buttons to the video as well. Just click on the twitter, or facebook buttons to share the video with your friends. We would love any feedback you may have on this new player.


  • The Drop Zone segment features Larry and Beth Tipton
  • The internet is very useful to a post bariatric patient.
  • Posting if you should see your doctor usually means you need to go see a doctor!
  • On October 2nd there will be a red carpet event for the weight loss surgery community.
  • We’ll be premiering a documentary called Surviving to Thriving
  • The film was produced for the WLSFA by us!
  • We’re challenging other weight loss surgery communities to donate to the WLSFA on the night of the premier.
  • Wait till you see what Toni is going to do if we lose the challenge.
  • We cook up some yummy Pizza Soup!


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9 Responses to “Episode 92: Pizza Soup”

  1. Another excellent show guys!

    I’m kinda torn on the challenge though as I would like to see Toni do the dump on camera (Does that make me evil?) But at the same time I want my BTV family to win!


  2. Great epi, but you spelled “lose” wrong in the next to last bullet point. The soup looks really good!

  3. Great show! Lynnda the movie you referenced in the blooper at the end was “better off dead” with john cusack. and the paperboy wanted $2 not $10 :-)

  4. Seriously… I do not want Toni to dump.
    How will we know what the other forums raise?
    Great episode as usual love the new player as well!

  5. I think we’ll have to have you tell us Antonia. After all we’ll all have to hand the money over to ya.


  6. Good point Mike.
    Your so logical :)

  7. Hey Jen.. Yep.. and I said something like.. “but it’s 2 dollars not 10 dollars but that didn’t make the video”.. Great movie! :-)

  8. Toni, the “should I go to the doctor” is a question that grates on me as well. I have to “walk away”, cause I think I would end up being be very, uncharacteristically, un-nice in my response.

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