Episode 107: What Am I Your Mother?

Posted by on Jan 13, 2011 in Honeymoon Period, Psychological Issues, Recipes

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In this weeks episode of BariatricTV we feature a Drop Zone Freak that’s been part of BTV since day one. In the Dumping Ground we take a look at the sometimes confusing world of post weight loss surgery products. If you’re feeling a little vain after your weight loss surgery we’ll set ya straight in the Altered Reality segment. And we wrap things up with tasty weight loss surgery friendly recipe to get you back on track in the new year.


  • The Drop Zone segment features T2 Nashville.
  • Lynnda is hidden behind a wall of bariatric products!
  • There are so many bariatric products, and so many people with opinions about them.
  • Keep several types of bariatric products around to help with things getting repetitive.
  • You know what you need and what you like. Make up your own mind on the products you want to use.
  • The best bariatric supplement for you is the one you will actually take.
  • Are you struggling with vanity after weight loss surgery?
  • We say why not be proud of your new looks!
  • But there is a point where you can be too vain.
  • If multiple people are accusing you of vanity, you may want to take a look at your behavior.
  • We suggest an article by Mary Jo Rapini
  • We whip a tasty weight loss surgery friendly recipe from forum member Baka.


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11 Responses to “Episode 107: What Am I Your Mother?”

  1. baka (Ian) says:

    Woohoo Go Tammy – War Eagle!

    Thanks for pimping Creamy Nugget Goodness…

    I-On aka Ian ;)

  2. Okay. Fine. Your Mama says she ain’t your mama, BUT, some of the products STILL suck (missing VITAL nutrients) and aren’t worth OUR money. That’s all. <3'd this as always.

  3. ION.. awesome recipe.. it was really good!

    MM – you rock, as always. ;-)

  4. T2Nashville says:

    How do I love thee, BTV? Let me count the ways! (Mike, you can really keep a secret – you already had me taped, didn’t you?) Thank you, thank you for all you guys have done for me. You just keep being so good to me.

    A note about Creamy Nugget Goodness – the more pepper, the better it gets. Oh, and PLEASE try it with taco seasoning! Use ground beef or turkey instead of chicken. There are so many ways to mix this up. It’s fantastic!

  5. Big Mickey says:

    Yes Tammy we had already shot the episode when you asked ;-) .

    As for the taco sauce in the Creamy Nugget Goodness… Great minds think alike dear. After we shot it we were talking about how some salsa would be really good in it!

    Congrats on being the DZF this week, and thank you for all of your support!


  6. I love Friday Mornings, a cup of coffee and a new BTV episode.

    Congrats Tammy – you’ve come a long way baby!! You look simply FABULOUS!

    Yoda – I’m gonna try that recipe this weekend, and Cliff says it sounds fantastic and wants to try it too.

  7. I’m gonna make it with some peppercinis and some salsa in it. Give it a kick! :-)

  8. Big Mickey says:

    ohhhh I didn’t even think of peppercinis. Chop’em up and drop’em in. That sounds really good!!

  9. hmmm… my GFs bday was this week, maybe I shoulda just gotten her an apron?

    BTW, I do the nugget recipe with my hot pepper sauce. nummy. If you don’t want it THAT spicy, try cayenne pepper instead of black.

  10. baka (Ian) says:

    I love experimenting and adding tons of different stuff and have yet to come across something that didn’t taste great!

    Shredded Cheddar
    Taco Seasoning

  11. T2Nashville says:

    Got my Revival Soy Chips today! YAY! Thanks again, guys!

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