Re-Run of That’s a spicey meatball!

Posted by on Dec 16, 2011 in Recipes

Re-Run of That’s a spicey meatball!

For you newbies looking for easy meal fixin’s, this is a great episode. AND it was fun to shoot.

In Episode 18, we end our highlighting of the different bariatric surgeries by taking a look at the RNY. Then we’ll introduce you to a great site to help you track your daily food and exercise and finish things up with a some meatballs!


  • We start things off with an exciting announcement
  • Lets look at our final surgery, the RNY.
  • Pros and Cons of the RNY.
  • Both Lynnda and Toni had this surgery and are satisfied
  • We look at a website our forum members recommended for tracking exercise and food.
  • We offer up some WLS pouch friendly recipes with one thing in common…the meatball


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3 Responses to “Re-Run of That’s a spicey meatball!”

  1. I wonder whatever happened to Smarteform?

  2. According to their website the are now SetPointHealth

  3. OperThinMint says:

    These may be oldies but they are definitely goodies! Y’all just crack me up! Love the new look of the site.

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