Episode 2: Why am I a freak?

Posted by on Nov 6, 2008 in Featured, Honeymoon Period, Recipes, Reviews

Episode 2: Why am I a freak?

In Episode 2, we discuss why we consider ourselves freaks, give you a quick but quirky tip regarding hairloss, and a sweet dessert recipe that you won’t dump on.

Show Notes Episode 2


  • We let you in on why we call ourselves Surgically Altered Freaks.
  • Definition of the word freak.
  • Irrational behavior when it comes to ice cream!
  • Hair loss help from a scalp massage.
  • Scalp massage technique.
  • Dealing with a sweet tooth.
  • A bariatric friendly dessert recipe for Pineapple Surprise.


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19 Responses to “Episode 2: Why am I a freak?”

  1. So here’s the explanation for the Freak thing. Kick down with the comments!


  2. I Love IT…I’ve got my FREAK on!

  3. Great job again Girls!!

  4. Great episode!! I am proud to say that I am a bariatric FREAK! lol.

    Oh and I am so going to make that desert tonight! YUM!

    Keep rockin girls!!

  5. I find the term offensive.

  6. Hey Bleh –

    Sorry about that.. no offense intended, seriously.. Just having a good time and trying to put some info out there in the process..

    I am a proud bariatric freakazoid.

  7. Great episode. Made me smile ALOT!

  8. I am not offended. In fact I embrace the freakish-ness of my anatomy, I am not at all normal. But, whatever. (Wait, I was a freak before surgery too. I wasn’t offended before either.)

    Freak on, you freaks.

  9. WOW! I am glad to be called a FREAK!!!!! In fact, your definitions described me to a “T”!!! Keep it up.

  10. LOL.. MM.. You crack me up! Ya FREAK

  11. EVERYONE is a freak in some way. What is “normal” anyway?


    Disclaimer: I am not a ‘WLS freak’ – just the normal garden-variety freak who happens to be the mother of a WLS’er who wears her freakiness with pride. :-)

  12. That would be my mother. LMFAO.

  13. Nicely played MM :-)


  14. That is too FREAKin funny! MM and Mimi – you both are great.

  15. I would love to watch it….I’m too computer STUPID! I watched a little on YouTube…Dangit! I think this was a good idea to do…I just wish I could figure it out!

  16. Hey Kim,

    You probably need to get QuickTime installed on your machine to watch it. To do that just go to the following link and download the free player.


    Once it installs you should be good to go!


  17. Once again a Great Video I, I am so looking forward to being part of this group. I am 5+ years out and relate to everything you have said so far. And I love the term Freak. Keep up the good work ladies..

  18. Connie Sue says:

    BIG OLE FREAK CHECKIN IN!! and DAMN proud of it!! Keep on freakin on!

  19. Connie Sue! OMG! How are you doing?


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