BariatricTV- Episode 4: Peer Support Baby!

Posted by on Nov 20, 2008 in Reviews, Road Trips

BariatricTV- Episode 4: Peer Support Baby!

In episode 4 we discuss peer support groups, take a trip to the OH conference and review a tasty new coffee flavored protein drink.

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Show Notes Episode 4


  • A medical disclaimer, we’re not doctors, listen to yours.
  • A letter from a viewer asking how we define success.
  • Our definition of success.
  • After weight loss surgery peer support.
  • Exchanging daily support email with our bariatric friends.
  • Our trip to the Obesity Help Los Angeles Conference.
  • Our interview with speaker Melting Mama.
  • Our interview with speaker Yvonne McCarthy.
  • Our interview with attendee Janine Johnson.
  • Our interview with speaker Ramon Lopez.
  • Yvonne McCrarthy’s thoughts on
  • A review of a new mocha flavored protein drink called Click.
  • Our interview with Beth Smith, President of ClickCo LLC.


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14 Responses to “BariatricTV- Episode 4: Peer Support Baby!”

  1. I love it!! Thanks for all your information!

  2. No no, thank you for stopping by and having a look! Now go tell all your friends, family, pets, friends of your pets etc… all about us :-)


  3. Told all my friends, family and the dog ( although I have to admit he didn’t seem to be as excited to find your site as I was lol). Keep up the great work. LOVE the videos. Cracks me up and provides great info to boot!


  4. I say you sit the dog in front of the screen and each time you hit the play button on our show you give the little bugger a steak. I’m sure in no time he’ll be as excited about the show as the rest of the community. Not to mention he’ll be getting that much needed protein :-)

    Thanks for the comment!!


  5. You are so right about needing peer support. I know for myself people who don’t really know about WLS can’t relate to my new life style. Some feel I have made a huge mistake others and my favorite term OH you took the easy way out. I have made so many good friend from across the country via the internet that now we try and get a week end get together once a year and its so much fun..
    Again I am starting to sound like a broken record Keep Up The GREAT work,


  6. Hey Star,

    I’m Mike and I am the producer/editor/camera jockey on the show, as well as Toni’s husband. I am sure one of the girls will be on here in the morning to say hi. But since I was just finishing up editing and checked the site, I wanted to say thanks for your enthusiasm and numerous comments on the videos. It’s great to know when our crazy antics connect with the audience and put a smile on their faces.

    Thanks again,


  7. Heya Michele, Felicia and Star! Thanks SO much for the feedback! Toni, Mike and I have such a great time doing this (well.. Mike has ALL the work to do after the camera stops … so he might not be having as much of a great time as I am!) Please be sure to check in on our upcoming episodes.. More great info, recipes and comedy! And I am sure we will be having a ‘bloopers’ episode soon.. Toni and I provide SOOOO much good footage for one of those.. LOL

  8. Are you kidding? I spend a good part of my time editing laughing at you and Toni’s antics!! Plus I have this weird sickness where I like sitting in dark rooms editing video…. it’s a disease I tell ya!

    Mike (who is about to put the finishing touches on show 5)

  9. Incredible job guys!!! I didn’t know it was posted or I would have been here sooner. Super episode! Thanks so much for making me part of it and I’m looking forward to many more to come. You guys were a pleasure to work with!
    Many blessings, Yvonne
    aka Bariatric Girl

  10. Okay, now you guys have really done it!!! I went from being addicted to food to being ADDICTED TO BARIATRIC TV.COM!!!! Come on Fridays I just can’t get my fill of it!!!! There are no words to describe this wonderful, needed, informative website and the people behind it all. I would wish you good luck, but this is pure TALENT! I am sending a link to all I know across the USA and suggest others send it as well. It’s not that your friends or family may need bariatric surgery or bariatric support but maybe someone they know needs help and I can think of no other place to get better information and enjoy it so much as Bariatric Come on… let’s share this with the entire NATION!
    LOVE IT!
    Freaky Nana

  11. Wow Freaky Nana…Thank you so much. Your comments means the world to us. You are the reason we do this.

  12. Yo! Freaky Nana,

    Thanks so much for such a wonderful comment. It’s comments like yours that keep us putting in the needed hours to produce these shows. And a huge thanks for sending the link off to your friends about us. The more folks we have here the better chance we have at drumming up some needed sponsor support for the show.

    And speaking of sponsors, if you really want to help us out please visit and use our coupon code of BTV to order 2 cans of Click. The code gives you free shipping and a free blender bottle, and it gives us a chance to show the sponsor the value of being a part of the show.

    Thanks again!!


  13. Janette in California says:

    I am so glad I found your site. It is fun as well as informative. Keep it up.

  14. Hey Jannette,

    We’re glad you found us too! When you get a chance head on over to our forum pages and check in there as well. We’d love to have you be a part of the conversations.

    Welcome aboard!


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