BariatricTV- Episode 6: I Love Vitamins

Posted by on Dec 4, 2008 in Honeymoon Period, Psychological Issues, Reviews

BariatricTV- Episode 6: I Love Vitamins

On episode 6, we answer a few questions about vitamins, discuss WLS Puberty, and recommend a product that will help smooth out the lumps after weight loss.

Show Notes Episode 6


  • Advice from your bariatric vitamin girl.
  • Ask your doctor about specific vitamin regiments
  • Tips for avoiding forgetting your vitamins
  • Have you been getting your yearly blood work?
  • A resources for medical recommendations on living with bariatric surgery
  • WLS Puberty
  • A solution for the muffin top


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21 Responses to “BariatricTV- Episode 6: I Love Vitamins”

  1. What fun to watch! Tell me about more things. How funny. D

  2. T2Nashville says:

    WOOHOO! Big Mickey makes an appearance! (Or at least I assume it’s him.) All this and Pebbles, too!

  3. Yup.. that is our Grand Poohbah.. Big Mickey, himself.. :-)

  4. Youv’e done it once again! You’ve created a funny, friendly,freakishly fountain of truth and knowledge! You rock!

  5. You guys keep getting better and better and better! Wow!
    Keep up the great work!
    I’m addicted!
    Freaky Nana

  6. Well, the “Get your frak on buttan” has been added to my site! Kate, you did a wondeful job on it!

  7. I love it! I agree that vitamins are VERY important! I will have to try the spanks thingys!

  8. Love this week’s topics!

  9. Thanks again for all of your great comments. Yes that was me making a cameo appearance in this episode. I may show up from time to time just for fun!

    Thanks again!


  10. big lippy skippy says:

    Toni This is awesome. congrates on your show I,m so proud. I miss ya, Talk to you later, keep up the good work. you look great. Love Skippy

  11. OH my gawd!! Big Lippy Skippy. You need to email me cousin.


  12. Vitavegimens!!!!!!!!

  13. Whoo hoooo!!! nice catch MM. You’re the first to comment on it! You know what they say, good artist barrow, great artist STEAL!!! :-)


  14. Well, you’ve made a faithful viewer out of me.

    Tomorrow I travel out of state for my pre-surgical consult. How about some advice for the newbies and wanna-bes? What can we expect when we come home from the hospital? How does it change as we get farther out?

  15. Hey Kate,

    Welcome to the land-o-freaks, we’re happy you decided to become a loyal citizen :-) As for your suggestion on a show, keep watching, we have something coming on that subject in the very near future!

    Once again, welcome to the community,


  16. Mark_in_Chicago says:

    Wow. Just found you via a thread on BE. You guys ROCK!!! Love the sense of humour you have. (A little twisted. Right up my alley! ;-) ) Nice to get info served with a healthy dose of fun and just enough irreverence. I take my surgery and new way of life very seriously, but sometimes we need to lighten up! Looking forward to getting my freak on here for a long time!

  17. But I totally spelled it wrong. Vitameatavegamins!!

  18. And then I watched the video for Vitameatavegamins. LOL.

  19. Hey MM,

    I had to go look at it on YouTube as well before writing the script. I remembered it was a killer routine, I just needed to remind myself what the verbiage was. Absolutely one of the classics!

    Here’s another of my favorite moldy oldies


  20. lyzettesalazar says:

    LOL. That was funny. I loved it.

  21. I’m a new member and learning to get freaky. These podcasts are awesome and will keep me watching too late in the night (i’m afraid). I’m totally looking forward to WLS PUBERTY so that maybe i can unleash some of these pent up emotions and my 13 yr old might learn to fear me a little!
    Wouldn’t that be awesome??!

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