Episode 22: Is it me, or is the world spinning?

Posted by on Mar 26, 2009 in Honeymoon Period, Reviews

Episode 22: Is it me, or is the world spinning?

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In episode 22 we announce the winners of the Ask Smart Forme contest, get the first of 3 questions answered by Gene Lyman who’s the president of Smart Forme, discuss The Head Rush and turn you on to a great site for living after WLS.


  • We get to give away free stuff
  • And the winners are…
  • The winners receive a Smart Forme starter kit and $50.00 Smart Forme gift certificate.
  • Gene Lyman, President of Smart Forme, answers the first of three questions.
  • Why do you seem to get dizzy spells after weight loss surgery.
  • We call those spells “The Head Rush”
  • What causes a head rush?
  • Helpful hints to avoid the head rush
  • A new site for living after weight loss surgery
  • The 5 day pouch test
  • Post your pictures for The Freak of The Week


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22 Responses to “Episode 22: Is it me, or is the world spinning?”

  1. I won! I won! I won! Yippeeee!! Thanks to you all and to the folks at Smartforme! Woohoo that made my day! :)
    Oh and thanks for showing us what “coc-eyed” looks like, Lynnda! LOL..

  2. I can’t get my player to work! boo hoo

  3. Kellybmomof3 says:

    I can’t get it to play either! My Friday can’t start w/o BTV!!

  4. I can’t get it to play this week either!

  5. Big Mickey says:

    Okay, Time to have a very intense conversation with a hosting provider. We’re working on it folks. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  6. T2Nashville says:

    Well, poop. I can’t get YouTube at work, so I’m not able to watch either. Patiently waiting on SuperHero Mickey to come through for us!

  7. Big Mickey says:

    Sorry Tammy. If you have iTunes on that system you can get it there. Here’s the link to the podcast in the iTuns store.


    You will need to have iTunes installed though.


  8. shepkatt says:

    Looks like it is working now.. I got it to play

  9. Big Mickey says:

    They have the high res back online, the low res may take a few.


  10. Kellybmomof3 says:

    Here he comes to save the daaaaayyyyyy! Yeah, Big Mike!!

  11. Big Mickey says:

    Hey Kelly,

    Thanks for your vote of confidence! All is back to normal now with low res files and high res files all happily playing in the playground.


  12. Proti wafers. That’s all.

    PS. Mike, did you design your own ads?

  13. T2Nashville says:

    Yep, see? I told ya Big Mickey would get it fixed. And wow, thanks to Gene for a great answer to my question. I’m more impressed with Smart Forme now! Can’t wait to try their products.

  14. Hey MM,

    For the two that are on the home page yes, I did the layout on them.


  15. weena saunders says:

    Wow, I am a winner… cool… Just wanted to say that I really enjoy the episodes and that you all are getting funnier with each episode, and I think BIG MICKEY fro is cool !! haha…oops that was the last episode… :) can’t wait for next week show.

  16. Great job, once again y’all. Such a crazy day it’s 11:59 p.m., but I finally got to watch the episode :)

  17. I cannot get it to work either and this is a couple of days later…what the heck am I doing wrong?????

  18. Hey Janine. I just played it and it seemed to work fine.. Not sure what was going on this morning.. Have you tried again?

  19. TY Mike. I have been trying to find a way to do some on my own.

  20. Techno error here too…help! I was catching up on episodes today and it seems every few seconds, just the face on the screen will get blurry and “digitized”. It happens more on the shots of Lynnda than Toni. I even tried to switch over to Firefox and update my media player, but no change!

    Love the shows so much that even though the blur is driving me nuts, I’m watching them away!


  21. Wish I’d have seen this sooner –
    A couple of weeks ago I went to the public library. The cookery books were on the bottom shelf. I squatted down and looked at the books.

    My husband arrived to say hello and as I stood up to greet him BANG! I was gone. Fainted and fell straight into the metal bookcase. Bashed my head as I went down, ended up in hospital with concussion. I had a gash on my head, 2 black eyes, green and yellow bruising on my forehead and scratches from the books all down one side of my face.

    2 weeks later – I woke up in the night with an upset stomach. I got up and rushed to the toilet. As I sat there, the room swam round and …..you guessed it…BAM. I woke up on the bathroom floor with my face pressed on the side of the bath …. scary.

    So, thanks for the advice guys – I understand what is going on now (all the doctor said was “your blood pressure is low, but that’s healthy. Just don’t get up so fast”). And I can reassure my husband that, actually it’s not some crazy or sinister thing that’s only happening to me.

    I’m gonna get good abs with the amount of use they are gonna get every time I stand up!

  22. Oh honey…I’m so sorry. Please be careful. If this continues, demand you doctor find out really what is causing it.


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