Episode 27: We Don’t Need No Expectations.

Posted by on Apr 30, 2009 in Honeymoon Period, Psychological Issues, Reviews

Episode 27: We Don’t Need No Expectations.

In episode 27 we have a new FOW,  answer your request for video commenting, take a look at post weight loss surgery expectations and do a quick review of Celebrate Vitamins.


  • Our Freak of the week is….Tammy or T2Nashville.
  • We’ve added new functionality to BTV…you can post Video responses.
  • We’ll be putting a “how to” video on our site later on this week.
  • Expectations…we all have them.
  • You need to manage your expectations by adjusting them constantly.
  • We are celebrating with Celebrate Vitamins.
  • Toni talks about her new passionate love affair with Celebrate Vitamins.


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13 Responses to “Episode 27: We Don’t Need No Expectations.”

  1. meltingmama says:

    Dangerous – video commenting. :D

  2. shepkatt says:

    Note to self. Never ever ever ever wear beige with ruffles on camera ever again! LOL

  3. I thought the beige with ruffles was a cute top :)

    Great show – I love the expectations segment! And that T2 is the Freak of the Week.

  4. lapbandking says:

    [kaltura-widget wid="zt46y72bo0" size="comments" /]

  5. T2Nashville says:

    I thought she looked great, too! Colors do look really nice on her, too, though. And thanks, Kris! I’m loving being a Freak!

  6. Mantha66 says:

    Love the idea of Video commenting! You see I cant spell!! I hope I can talk better! HA!!!!

  7. Congratulations T2Nashville for being freak of the week!!! Now you’re a bonified FOW! Thank you for always being so kind and welcoming to me as well. You’re awesome.

    Wonderful job to the BTV group. I love watching you guys and I’m looking forward to video stuff! WOOOHOOOO! Great job on the expectations too. I know it’s hard to imagine for a pre-op that life will not be perfect after weight loss but it is a fact. GREAT SHOW GUYS!!!

  8. [kaltura-widget wid="gyvy1luy48" size="comments" /]

  9. I LOVE CELEBRATE!!! I am so excited they are your new sponsor. That is my vitamin of choice!!

    Great show guys…you are so much fun! Thanks for the entertainment with my morning coffee!!

  10. Hey Laura – Thanks! And soon your coffee might be tea – according to your BLOG! I love em both.. Caffeine caffeine caffeine! :-)

  11. fabkate says:

    I think what I like best here is that I start to think that every episode is for me. I can really relate to all of it. Thanks.

  12. Big Mickey says:

    Laura!! Where ya been Dear? We talked a while back and then you fell of the end of the earth.

  13. Big Mickey says:

    Hey Lapband King aka Marcus,

    Thanks for posting your video in here for our bandsters to see. We still nee to do that highlight on your site. I hope all is swell in your world.

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