Episode 76: Post Surgical Sleepies

Posted by on Apr 30, 2010 in Honeymoon Period, Psychological Issues, Reviews

On this weeks episode of your favorite weight loss surgery interweb show we have an “I Freakin Did It” in a bikini! Next we take a look at some ideas to control your stress. After all we know what stress can do to our eating habits. In Altered Realities we take a look at problems sleeping after weight loss surgery. Then we wrap things up with a look at some snazzy medical alert jewelry.


  • This weeks “I Freakin Did It” is “nature girl” and her bikini.
  • Are you dealing with stress after weight loss surgery?
  • Many times this stress can lead to bad choices when it comes to staying on program.
  • We give you a few ideas to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Are you having trouble sleeping after weight loss surgery?
  • A good nights sleep is critical for weight loss surgery patients.
  • If you’re dealing with long term sleepless nights, call your doctor!
  • We take a look at some beautiful medical alert jewelry from Laurenshope.com


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4 Responses to “Episode 76: Post Surgical Sleepies”

  1. T2Nashville says:

    I busted out laughing twice this week.

    Toni’s toke – yep, brought back great memories. Really great memories. Really, really great memories. It’s a shame that stuff’s illegal when it’s so, so good! :)

    Toni’s snore – you were just a regular little comedienne this week!

    I’m missing Danielle!

    Congrats, Amy, for the great bikini look!

  2. Particularly enjoyed this episode. Gosh, relaxation is such a tricky thing to do “right” — I couldn’t agree more about the breathing (something I rarely do, apparently), but since trying yoga, I have learned how to do it (when I absolutely need to.) Case in point: I was having a (rare) panic attack several months ago, and as I was racing down the (crowded) SoCal freeway to get to the hospital (MexiKen was having surgery), I couldn’t calm down and thought I was going to jump out of my skin. Well, I started to do my yoga breathing and, as if by magic, I calmed down and the attack passed. Now, I don’t want you to believe that I stopped WORRYING altogether — that didn’t happen (unfortunately), but it became manageable, and I didn’t feel like I was going to explode. Moral of the story: Just Breathe.

    Anyway, girlies, thanks for the great episode (and the fab silky green blouse — ahem). — Muah! :-* XXX OOO – Barb

  3. futuresveltemom says:

    I so needed this episode. Things have been very stressful for me lately and more often than not, I am going down the “not eating” path. I have quickly found out that is as bad as eating too much. Thanks for the tips on dealing with it all. :) Suzette

  4. YourWLBuddy says:

    Don’t get too jealous but…I’m taking off for three whole months! I’m a college professor and this will be my first summer off in 15 years. I’m anticipating a tummy tuck!
    BTW: I have a Lauren’s Hope bracelet in pearl. It is nice (but a little pricey).I plan on making some more at a local bead shop (now that I have all this free time!)

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