Episode 81: It’s Like a Flavor Explosion Under Your Tongue

Posted by on Jun 18, 2010 in Psychological Issues, Reviews

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On this weeks episode of BariatricTV alphashan15 gets some clothes from a roommate. Are you still behaving like you’re morbidly obese? How about a book to help you look thinner? And we finish things up with a review of a tasty, and quick way, to get your b12 from the folks at Celebrate Vitamins.


  • This weeks “I Freakin Did It” is alphashan15. She got some clothes from a former roommate, and they fit!
  • Are you still behaving like you’re morbidly obese even after your weight loss surgery?
  • One of the ways around acting like you’re still obese is to be aware that your doing it.
  • Pay attention to how you’re walking, are you walking like you’re heavy?
  • Do you really need to find that next bench to sit down and rest when you’re walking?
  • Are you giving up too early during your exercise?
  • Toni has even noticed that she still has the personal social space of a 300 pound woman.
  • We take a look at a book from Charla Krupp that can help you never look fat again.
  • Toni shares a tip to help with flabby arms from Charla’s book.
  • We do a quick review of the new B12 Quick Melt from Celebrate Vitamins.


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10 Responses to “Episode 81: It’s Like a Flavor Explosion Under Your Tongue”

  1. Jennifer Hills says:

    Hey Shan!! Congrats!! Save them for me! :)

  2. baka (Ian) says:

    Vegas baby!

    Say hi to my money for me ;)


  3. kristi-bisti says:

    I miss you when you’re gone!!!

  4. Thanks Kristi.. :-)

  5. T2Nashville says:

    I just spent some time in front of my mirror and tried the arm thing. It’s the one part of my body that I’m disappointed in, but I’m not willing to have the surgery. Charla’s tip really works! And I was skeptical! Here’s what’s funny – one of the morbidly obese things I still do is cross my arms over my tummy – trying to hide the fat, I guess? Anyway, now, I’ll be putting my hands on my hips! Confidence, baby!

    How do you people know what my brain is feeling each week? I tell you, the freaks have spent so much time together that we’re beginning to think on the same wavelength!

  6. Big Mickey says:

    You should be in the studio with us when were filming Tammy. Lynnda, Toni and I finish each others sentences..

  7. Thanks Tammy

    The book is really good. She has another one out that we’ll be highlighting soon. I just really like trying some of her suggestions cause they do work.


  8. T2Nashville says:

    Mike – someday, I’m coming to San Diego, I swear it!

    Toni – I’m googling her today to see what I can get online, but I may have to break down and get the book. Great tip! Went to a vendor reception last night and noticed myself doing the hands-on-hips thing. It’s great!

  9. T2 – you get yer little Southern bootie West! :-)

  10. T2Nashville says:

    Sometimes, I wish I had Samantha Stevens’ ability (Bewitched) to just twitch my nose so I could be there, girl. Hope you’re having a blast in Vegas!

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