ASMBS Part 4

Posted by on Jul 1, 2010 in Road Trips

Here’s more coverage of ASMBS. We’ll start it off with Shannon from Revival who besides being absolutely adorable, has a wonderful offer for a few of you viewers. We then do a quick interview with the folks at Hormel Health Labs about their Healthy Shot product. Yes they are from Hormel, no it doesn’t taste like chili!

Shannon Watts From Revival


Yvette Szeleczky from Hormel Health Labs


Hormel Health Labs

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43 Responses to “ASMBS Part 4”

  1. I don’t need chips, I’m just commenting on how much I LOVE the Revival Soy video with Shannon! She rocks, doesn’t she? I think this was one of the more fun reviews you’ve done — keep ‘em coming, kids!!!

  2. Cindy Wheeler says:

    The chips sound yummy!!! Anything cinnamon wins my vote!!!


  3. doh! no fair Cari, I was logging in or I woulda been first to comment!

  4. melanie nelson says:

    excited to try them they sound so good!

  5. chellie says:

    The soy chips look yummy… been looking for something crispy that doesn’t taste crappy…

  6. Ummmm…shannon…can I get one?

  7. OOOOH!!! They look fabulous! I hope I get some!

  8. I left my box with Shannon in Vegas.. didn’t get home with it. SHOOT

  9. Spydersong - Katie says:

    How cool is that offer, they sound delicious!

  10. I have been wanting to try those chips FOREVER!!! I am so excited!

  11. <3 revival <3 shannon!

  12. ps…send the free chips to the 26th person! I just wanted to give ya’ll a shout out!

  13. LOVE them! I’d love a case… or three! :)
    Great for the post surgery pregnancy munchies.

  14. I was eyeing those the other day. I’m dying to try them! :)

  15. I am always looking for new protein rich snack. These look like they’d hit the spot!


  16. lillie dudley says:

    I might be too late for the contest, the video was great, it’s hard to beleive any of you 3 ladies were ever overweight…you look fab!!! lillie

  17. tylarea says:

    These look delicious!

  18. Jennifer Hills says:

    mmmm look great!!!

  19. Always looking for a snack to curb those crunchy cravings that meets my protein needs! Thanks for the info.

  20. Looking forward to trying these, they look great!! :D

  21. Ruby Robion says:

    Never had them but they sure look great.

  22. Martha Miller says:

    Ooooh, might have to try some of these!

  23. Gina Boxberger says:

    I love Soy Revival chips! I find it so hard to pick a favorite flavor.

  24. oh boy, I want to win some, Never tried them before, but would LOVE to.

  25. Jusmisbehaven says:

    I saw those at BE and thought about buying them I would love to try em.

  26. Revival Soy Chips are the best. One of my favorite post op foods!

  27. Sherry Bumgardner says:

    Yumm-O Sounds Delish…..Oh! Pick Me!!!

  28. They sound really good!

  29. I hope these are as good as they sound, I’ve been looking for something good as a crunchy snack.

  30. Steve Mortillaro says:

    These look really yummy.. would love to try them!

  31. baka (Ian) says:

    Awesome stuff and the chips rock!


  32. Am I too late to be in the running? I’d love me some crunchy!

  33. VSGis4me says:

    I would love to try the chips. Great Video. I wish I could have been there.

  34. doing my researsh. Thinking about having sleeve surgery.

  35. Sandihtx says:

    Loved the video & your chips! Yes, I appreciate that each bag is “1 serving”. I’m a dedicated Revival muncher!

  36. Angela Pace says:

    I have tried them and LOVE THEM!!!! Love the crunch and flavors. Too good for words. I want more :) Yes, I too appreciate the bag is only one serving.

  37. Okay Folks,

    Below is the list of 25 winners of a case of Revival Soy chips. Here’s what you need to do to redeem your yummy chips.

    Send and email to us at feedback at bariatrictv dot com and include the following information

    Email address
    Phone Number (sorry this is a Fedex requirement to ship, we promise not to crank call ya)

    We’ll need to receive this information by next Friday, July 9th for you to get your Revival Soy Chips.

    Cari aka Gastric Bypass Barbie
    Cindy Wheeler
    melanie nelson
    Spydersong – Katie
    Shannon Davis
    lillie dudley
    Jennifer Hills
    Ruby Robion
    Gina Boxberger
    Martha Miller
    Sherry Bumgardner

  38. OMG I was number 26 :(

    I’m still gonna order them, they sound great.

  39. NO…CHRIS WINS. CARI DID NOT WANT THE CHIPS. (she already orders them!) Give ‘em to Chris! :)

  40. Big Mickey says:

    Alright then, Chris, you get some chips!!! Send your info our way.

  41. Glenda HInshaw says:

    SHANNON WATTS ROCKS!!!!!!! I want your autograph, with some attitude! You need to be on TV fulltime! Man, you and the camera work well together. You need to throw more of your natural ability to be a smart ass, it would sell even more products. I love your way, and I would buy just about anything you are selling, even a double bull blind, a large aircraft carrier with a hot italtian man, and light up ice cubes!!!

  42. Big Mickey says:

    Is it bad that I had to Google a “Double Bull Blind?”

  43. I’m from the country. Yes, not only am I a professional breakdancer, but alson a hunter. Glenda is also reminising over our ASMBS trip to San Diego a few years back (which has nothing to do with our trip). But, it’s cool to know I have a “fan”. Love you too, Glenda.

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