ASMBS Part 5: Research

Posted by on Jul 2, 2010 in Road Trips

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While at the ASMBS meeting this year we were fortunate enough to get a chance to not only talk with the president of the organization, but some key researchers that presented findings at the meeting. The videos below are the results of those interviews

Dr. John W. Baker, President of the ASMBS

Dr. Baker discussed with us what the ASMBS does and how it’s helping to prevent obesity. He also discussed what we, as patients, can do to help.

Dale Bond – The effects of weight loss surgery on female sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Timothy Kuwada – The effects of insurance mandated preoperative medical programs.

Dr. Shanu Kothari – What happens to the patient when insurance denies weight loss surgery.

Dr. Gus Slotman – When surgery is a family affair.

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5 Responses to “ASMBS Part 5: Research”

  1. Angela Pace (va-freak) says:

    These interviews are wonderful. Thanks Toni, Lynnda, and Mike for doing them. Very informative. Well done!

  2. Pat Stephens (trysh) says:

    Hello there, I’m looking to try the Revival Soy Chips, as a healthy snack type food. In Canada so far I haven’t been able to find anything suitable. Do I qualify for the freebie as said in the video? lol


  3. Pat Stephens (trysh) says:

    Nevermind……wrong section DUH!!!

    Tough being a newbie…

  4. baka (Ian) says:

    Superb stuff!

    Dr. Shanu Kothari’s study is interesting…. Based on my own experiences I’d have to say that freaks who follow a pre-op regimen similar to post-op ARE more successful in their weight loss.


  5. T2Nashville says:

    I hope newbies and long-timers alike are watching these research videos. (Thanks, BTV!) These are the people who are paving the way for more research so that more surgeries will be approved in the future. Thank God for these people!

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