OH Houston Interviews Part 1

Posted by on Nov 16, 2010 in Road Trips

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In the first of our interviews from the Obesity Help Houston Conference we speak with Connie Stapleton who is a well know psychologist in the surgical weight loss community. Connie has a new book coming out and needs your help to write it.

In our next interview we talk with Dr. Guillermo Alvarez about his surgical practice in Mexico. Dr. Alvarez talks bout his dedication to the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and a new book he has published to educate patients on the sleeve procedure. He also talks bout how his practice can help alleviate some of the fears one might have about surgery in Mexico.


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3 Responses to “OH Houston Interviews Part 1”

  1. You know what is just mind boggling? When I was interviewing Connie I felt SO HUGE standing next to her.. But watching the video.. I don’t look huge standing next to her.. Oh the tricks our fat minds play on us.

  2. baka (Ian) says:

    Awesome interviews!

    I love Connie Stapleton and can’t wait to see/hear her once more in Vegas next May.

    Lynnda I felt the same standing next to you In Long Beach…. thinking I was still 444lbs – The mind is a weird and nasty SOB at time ;)

  3. T2Nashville says:

    Go, Dr. A! His education about the sleeve is really wonderful, and I am anxious to get his new book. He’s doing great things for the sleeve!

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