OH Houston Interviews Part 3

Posted by on Nov 21, 2010 in Road Trips

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In our last round of interviews from the ObesityHelp Conference in Houston we’ll start with Dr. John LoMonaco. Dr. LaMonaco is a Houston based plastic surgeon who you may recognize from the TLC show Big Medicine. He shares with us a new book he has, as well as some advice on how to obtain insurance coverage after weight loss surgery.

We also interviewed Annessa Chumbley who is a Registered Dietitian and owner of Flourish, LLC. Annessa talks with us about her lecture at the conference which was about post weight loss surgery nutritional supplements. She also answers a question from one of our forum members on veganism and vegetarianism after surgery.

In our final interview from the conference we speak with Chris Spence who is the Executive Bariatric Account Representative from Ethicon Endo-Surgery. As a company that makes surgical devices and surgical instruments we were interested in why they would be taking part in such a patient focused event.


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3 Responses to “OH Houston Interviews Part 3”

  1. baka (Ian) says:

    Good stuff as always freaky peeps!

  2. Great interview with Annessa, guys. Probably one of your most solid and informative in awhile ;-) I always learn something new from your shows!

  3. Annessa was GREAT!!! and to think we didn’t even have her on our radar before the conference. It was so cool that she just allowed us to hit her with a very difficult question that one of our viewers sent our way.

    Yep, that Annessa is one cool chick in my book!


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