WLSFA Mother of All Meet and Greets

Posted by on May 20, 2011 in Road Trips

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In this week’s episode of BariatricTV we take a look at what went down in Las Vegas at the WLSFA Mother of All Meet and Greets. Friday night was fun packed and complete with a wedding. On Saturday we spoke with some vendors and a couple of Freaks that were in town for the event. Then, on Saturday night, it was a flat out party!


  • Friday night we started things off with a small meet and greet just for the BTV forum members.
  • After our get together we headed down to the ball room where the official start of the Meet and Greet took place.
  • Antonia introduced Connie Bailey who was the first recipient of a weight loss surgery grant.
  • Next up were Vic and Nick Giaconia from Celebrate Vitamins.
  • Nick, who is quite the musician, played a tune for the WLS patients.
  • To round out the night Ms. Diva Taunia was married to her long time counterpart Robert Fronk.
  • On Saturday we kicked things off by interviewing a few Freaks.
  • We interviewed Beth (Trimoon) and Tim Baker.
  • Next we interview Ian (Baka) McGagh about his Jumping for Freedom fundraiser
  • We have some fun popping Beth (Melting Mama).
  • The Saturday night events started with Comic Allie Raye.
  • We end the night with a wonderful burlesque show by the Diva Taunia Dolls. Toni and Lynnda even got to dance in a couple numbers.


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9 Responses to “WLSFA Mother of All Meet and Greets”

  1. baka (Ian) says:

    Awesome stuff freaks!

    Can’t wait for next year :)

  2. Great show! I’m already saving for next year. :)

  3. Excellent as always Ladies and Mike. It was an awesome weekend and so fantastic to meet y’all!!

  4. My favorite moments of this video: Lynnda & Toni bopping each other off the head with mallots, and Lynnda & Toni “flashmobbing.” lol You gals crack me up!

    PS – Married Chick on the title – love it! :)

  5. It was so great meeting you all!!!

  6. OMG. Funny! So glad you guys were there to film ’cause I didn’t get to go! Great dancing ladies.

  7. Hey guys, great web-isode as usual! It was a great event and it was sooooo great to meet you both in person! xoxo Andrew

  8. T2Nashville says:

    So happy I was there! Love you guys!

  9. Wow Kelly, you’ve come a long way since our first shoot! Congratulations on the growth of your bnseuiss! It looks beautiful! We will have to do another shoot in the future and have some more fun with all you have learned since then! I love the new name, too!

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