Friends and Vendors at the WLSFA Mother of All Meet & Greets

Posted by on May 26, 2011 in Road Trips

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In this week’s episode of BariatricTV we continue our coverage of the WLSFA Mother of all Meet and Greets with interviews we did with some good friends and vendors that were in attendance.

We start things off with an interview with the founder of the WLSFA, Antonia Namnath. During this interview we are also joined by Diva Taunia.

Next we have a chat with Ed Sinson from Bariatric Advantage while Toni steals his chews.

Toni gets the tables turned on her as Vic Giaconia from Celebrate Vitamins interviews her! Watch until the end.. Nick isn’t the only singer in the family!

Amy Pedersen from Slimpressions gives us a little insight into their line of shapewear. Thanks to Kaitlin from The Bypassed Life blog for being the before and after model.

Having announced their launch at the event, the folks from Healthy Everyday Life Products (HELP) tell us what they are all about.

Actress, writer, producer and comic Allie Raye tells us what she’s up to at the meet and greet


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6 Responses to “Friends and Vendors at the WLSFA Mother of All Meet & Greets”

  1. hey mike… the interview with toni and vic didn’t show up. it was the one with ed at BA. kim

  2. baka (Ian) says:

    Nice job freaks – as Kim mentioned there is a problem with the Vic interview even the HD feed is messed up


  3. Big Mickey says:

    The player had it’s wires crossed, all fixed now. Go watch Vic interview Toni, it’s quite hilarious to watch the look on her face.


  4. baka (Ian) says:

    I think Vic needs to do the musical part at next years Meet & Greet Celebrate sponsored party!


  5. Vic needs his own show. He obviously wants it. Make it happen.

  6. Okay, I choked on my quiche watching Vic in your Celebrate Vitamins segment! Lynnda — love the Gerber daisies in the background — hysterical, and of course, his James Brown impression. Gosh, I thought “Nick” was the talented one of the family…guess they spread the genes around!!

    Of course, I als have to mention how proud I am of the HELP *Desk* Crew…They really *represented* — even after a long day of “meeting and greeting” – they showed up and spoke…when I couldn’t (stupid laryngitis…)

    Anyway, thanks for rollicking good time, BTV-Peeps. You guys are A-MAZING (as Laura and Vic would say ;-) Muah! :-*

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