ASMBS 2011 ASMBS Names a New President

Posted by on Jun 17, 2011 in Road Trips

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Each year that we go to the ASMBS Meeting we have the honor of speaking with key leaders and researchers in bariatric medicine. This year was no exception as we started things off by talking with Robin Blackstone who is the incoming president of the ASMBS. She spoke with us about the mission of educating primary care providers when it comes to bringing up the subject of weight loss surgery with their patients. We also discussed how patients can help when it comes to advocating for access to weight loss surgery.

Robin Blackstone MD, FACS


  • Key research from the 28 Annual Meeting of the ASMBS
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3 Responses to “ASMBS 2011 ASMBS Names a New President”

  1. Burnett says:

    Great interviews as always. So happy to see the new products coming out to help WLS patients and the doctor’s studies continue to provide a data base that helps to educate everyone on the intricacies of obesity and bariatric surgery.

    However, my crazy mind could not get past the sign over Lynnda’s shoulder while interviewing Dr. Jamal. Thursday night was ASMBS After Dark? LOL. My mind immediately goes to seeing Hef and numerous jet set playboys mingling with gorgeous ladies and cocktail waitresses while wearing smoking jackets. You guys must have had a swinging time!

  2. Big Mickey says:

    Well Toni and Lynnda had a swell time at the After Dark party. As for me, I was holed up in a room editing those snazzy interviews ;-)


  3. Ever the workhorse! Keep up the great job, Mickey! And know that we all do appreciate the hours and hours of work that you put in to keep us entertained and informed.

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