Support Chat Radio 34: The Sexual Lifestyles of the Swedish

Posted by on Jul 19, 2011 in Support Chat Radio

In Episode 34 Mikes is back and running the board. We were joined by Melting Mama who gave us the inside scoop on the Seattle OH Conference, Patrina McBride who, among other things, revealed to us the sexual lifestyle trends of those from Sweden. And by Andrea Ulberg who, although she is Swedish, was amazed at the sexual lifestyle she is apparently supposed to be leading.

And yes we did even discuss a few weight loss surgery related issues, including the following stories..

***NOTE*** There is some adult language and conversation on this episode. Please consider this if the kids are around.




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One Response to “Support Chat Radio 34: The Sexual Lifestyles of the Swedish”

  1. sally wimberley says:

    hey- I ma woefully behind on my BTV episodes and this one is a “goner” — come back ! so I can see you! :-0

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