Episode 18: How’s About a Nicea Meataballa?

Posted by on Feb 26, 2009 in Recipes, Reviews, Surgery Types

Episode 18: How’s About a Nicea Meataballa?

In Episode 18, we end our highlighting of the different bariatric surgeries by taking a look at the RNY. Then we’ll introduce you to a great site to help you track your daily food and exercise and finish things up with a some meatballs!


  • We start things off with a exciting announcement
  • Lets look at our final surgery, the RNY.
  • Pros and Cons of the RNY.
  • Both Lynnda and Toni had this surgery and are satisfied
  • We look at forum members recommended website for tracking exercise and food.
  • We offer up some WLS pouch friendly recipes with one thing in common…the meatball


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9 Responses to “Episode 18: How’s About a Nicea Meataballa?”

  1. YEAH!!!! Let’s see, what do I Love about this weeks show…EVERYTHING!

    Way to go guys, it’s seems you have nailed this weeks show. YUM, at 3:00 in the morning, nothing tastes as good as a meatball!

    You guys are officially NUTZO FREAKS!!!

    Have a spicy good day!

  2. T2Nashville says:

    The Daily Plate! My fave! It seriously keeps me on track. And I’ll be eating meatballs now for a month! Thanks!

  3. I don’t use The Daily Plate, but I HAVE used a google gadget that does the same thing. It’s on my iGoogle homepage, so it’s up and in my face when I log on.

    I’m all about Smart Forme right now… Next week I’m going to order some of the Savory Crunchies. I’m sick to death of protein shakes, and as soon as I can get solid foods down, THOSE BABIES ARE MINE!

    I’m thrilled to see that there are savory protein options, and not just the few flavor options we tend to see with the shakes. I kid my kids about living a Neapolitan Life…

    Thanks for the shout out, and making a spot for me on the loser’s bench. I can’t wait to see that spot get increasingly smaller.

  4. Woot, SF. I am loving their goods.

    That greek meatball concoction sounds delish. I <3 Tzasitki. (How the hell do you spell that?)


  5. Hey MM.. that’s about how I would spell it! No matter how you spell it – its goooooood!

  6. GREAT episode y’all! I haven’t even had my surgery yet, but am trying to lower the carbs now and get in the swing of eating more protein. I’m definitely gonna have stock of meatballs after the surgery – great ideas! :)

    Hilarious, too, by the way.

  7. I wanted to note that TheDailyPlate.com; while having a HUGE food resource to pick from, if they don’t have the food you ate you can simply add it to their database using the nutrition information guide on the food you ate. Put in the food name and brand and then enter in the data and add it to your plate. It’s just that easy!

  8. Big Mickey says:

    Excellent point, we didn’t cover that in the show and that’s why we love you viewers, what we miss you got covered!!!

    Thanks Sephia!

  9. Kinda makes me envision another pic for the front of a tshirt..”Mighty Mike’s Meatball Mamas!”

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