Episode 70: Time For a Live Show

Posted by on Mar 17, 2010 in Weightloss Surgery Videos

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We had a bit of a crazy week last week that ended in our editing computer crashing on us. So instead of canceling the show for the week we figured “what the hell!” we’ll do a live show. Stickam decided to stop recording after about an hour so we had to break it up into two parts.

Live show Part 1

Live show Part 2


  • Celebrity weight loss surgery
  • New York Jets head coach Ryan Stern gets a gastric band.
  • Toni’s vitamin bowl.
  • Weight loss surgery is a lifetime commitment
  • A live review of Celebrate Wild Cherry ENS
  • A live review of Bariatric Advantage Raspberry Calcium Chews


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3 Responses to “Episode 70: Time For a Live Show”

  1. Haahaaaahaaaa… I love our “O” faces when Vic says the Chocolate Calcet Creamy Bites will be out in the next few weeks.

  2. Freakin funny….All I can say is “Damn Dogs!”. :-)

  3. I was in the hospital and missed the live version. Damn it! Looked like a blast though! I think it would be awesome if I lived in a heavily populated area where WLS was more prevelent. I would open a gym for WLS’ers. That would be the ultimate gym. Everybody has the same general feelings about gyms or we’d all have been in shape to begin with. Its always easier to work out with a buddy anyhow, it’d be cool to work out at a gym where everyone has all had a surgery of some type, instant connection.

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