Episode 74: More Live Fun

Posted by on Apr 15, 2010 in Weightloss Surgery Videos

This week we did another live show due to crazy schedules with everyone. On this weeks show, we bring up a whole host of topics, foods and suggestions. Enjoy!


  • We start out with how to mix powdered protein. Make a paste first then it will mix smoother with the liquids.
  • We congratulate Lynnda on turning 40 something.
  • We introduce the new non profit organization Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America.
  • We show you the product called “Instant Arm Lift”…NOT that it works.
  • Lynnda shares her favorite Weight Loss Surgery Book by Susan Maria Leach called Before and After.
  • We share some craving alternatives like pudding and Kayes Naturals.
  • Toni shares her new favorite product – Thomas’ Bagel Thins
  • We do a little something different with Sugar Free Jello pudding
  • The Girls discuss Rob/McNee and Patrina’s videos.
  • Toni talks about Bariatric Advantages Pro Joes and how they help her stop afternoon snacking.
  • The girls talk about a new study that show that women that have WLS have an 80% reduction of risk of some pregnancy complications.
  • We experience some sound difficulties for a few minutes
  • Toni discusses Melting Mama’s blog about a women on Obesity Help who claimed that many morbidly obese have body odor issues.
  • Lynnda discusses an article about “fake” weight loss surgery. Basically they hypnotize people to think they underwent surgery.
  • Toni offers up advice on who to deal with not so positive posts in the forum.
  • We discuss various events that are coming up in the weight loss surgery community


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7 Responses to “Episode 74: More Live Fun”

  1. heh… just caught the full thing on the instant arm lift… was where I came in last night.

    Yea, save yerself a few bucks, get some packing tape!

  2. ok, my cameo on the show last night didn’t seem to work on the recorded portion … so basically for those that missed it, I was talking about some myths about using excess skin to donate to burn victims.. I’ll be doing a writeup about it and video in the hopefully near future.

  3. futuresveltemom says:

    hmmm…I tried to watch this episode but it kept pausing too much… :(

  4. Try going to the actual cast at http://www.stickham.com/bariatrictv and click on that link. It might help.

    Sorry the cameo didn’t work out. Live is always tricky.


  5. Jay Park says:

    Just watched your entire live program and enjoyed it very much.

    You should consider doing live shows on a regular basis, as they’re a nice contrast to your taped shows.

  6. Big Mickey says:

    Thanks Jay! We have been discussing doing them on a semi regular basis. As of now it has sort of become a fall back position for us during weeks when things get crazy and we don’t get a show shot.

    Thanks again for the feedback,


  7. Spydersong says:

    I watched this on my last day of clear liquids. The way to make protein shakes not lumpy was such wonderful timing

    Thanks ladies – love it as always

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