WLSFA Surgery Grant Recipients

Posted by on Jul 25, 2010 in Weightloss Surgery Videos

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The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America has just announced that they have awarded their first ever surgery grants to two very deserving individuals.

The first of these grants is being awarded to Connie Baily of Texas. Connie has been struggling with her weight for years and has been denied insurance coverage for surgery. Her disappointment has been compounded by watching her twin sister Rose obtain approval and surgery. Connie’s surgery will be performed by Dr. Garth Davis who in addition to being a world renowned bariatric surgeon, is also well know from his appearance on the TLC reality show Big Medicine. Dr. Davis has graciously offered up his services via the WLSFA Grants Program.

The second grant to be awarded is for post weight loss reconstructive surgery. This grant is being awarded to Sarah Halbrook of Arizona. After an amazing weight loss of nearly 200 pounds Sarah has been dealing with the skin issues that go along with it. Enter Beverly Hills reconstructive surgeon Dr. Timothy Katzen of Body by Katzen. As one of the leading reconstructive surgeons that specialize in post bariatric patients,  Dr. Katzen has offered up his services via the WLSFA Grants Program to help Sarah rid her self of her excess skin.

All of us here at BariatricTV want to commend the WLSFA and both Dr. Davis and Dr. Katzen for their generous contributions. It’s truly an amazing thing for this to happen. We also want to thank Antonia and the board at the WLSFA for their tireless effort to change peoples lives for the better. The community is truly blessed to have you.


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13 Responses to “WLSFA Surgery Grant Recipients”

  1. baka (Ian) says:

    I’m happy for both of them especially Sarah.

    I applied months ago as a volunteer for West Coast for WLSFA and they couldn’t be bothered to get back to me…… I get the feeling it’s pretty much a clique thing going on……..

    Sad really


  2. Baka, I know from being on the board that this program is still so new that details are being worked out like volunteering and stuff. I’m sure it has nothing to do with clicks. I can tell you from experience that to put something like this together takes a while so be patient with them, please. It’s such a good thing they are trying to do.

  3. baka (Ian) says:

    Toni – I have over 20 years experience working for non-profits and charities…… So I know how long things take to get off the ground.

    Running before you can walk is never a recipe for success.


  4. First of all… CONGRATS TO CONNIE!! YAY!!!!!!!!! ConnieWillBeSkinny!! HAHA!! U GO GIRL!! ♥

    Secondly – Thank you guys!! Toni & Lynnda, you’re TOOO stinkin cute! You crack me up!! Thank you guys!! *hugs to all of BTV & WLSFA* ^_^ ♥

  5. Big Mickey says:

    Hey Sarah, congrats to you as well. I couldn’t think of a more deserving person. Your courage in showing your journey on YouTube is amazing. I’m sure you’ve helped so many and it’s great to see that help being returned to you.


  6. Big Mickey says:

    Just a quick response on the clique thing…

    I really don’t want something like that to overshadow this announcement. The WLSFA, and in particular Antonia, have worked tirelessly to make this happen and deserve to bask, drama free, in the attainment of this goal.

    At the Vegas Meet and Greet Antonia was there, at the Costa Mesa OH Convention Antonia was there, at ASMBS Antonia was there. And while she was at these places she was working tirelessly to meet with surgeons and plead her case. Not for her own benefit, but for the benefit of others. That effort has now paid off, and two people who’s wishes of a better life have been answered.

    So whether there is any cliqueness or not I feel that is a conversation for another day. For today I want to say congrats to Connie and Sarah. And in addition a HUGE thank you to the WLSFA, Atonia and all of you that have supported this young organization. You’ve started to changes lives for the better, and in my opinion, that’s why were all inhabiting this chunk of rock in the first place.


  7. Thank you for posting the announcement BTV!
    Baka, believe me we will be contacting you.
    It does take time to form a foundation!
    Having our Inaugural Grant recipients announced will help us share the vision and need with our community and the business community we will be applying for grants from.
    Sarah and Connie will be wonderful ambassadors for the WLSFA.

  8. Melanie (skymoon1982) says:

    I am extremely happy and excited that this development has been so successful and now someone has been approved to have WLS. This is so wonderful. All you girls are changing lives. What a beautiful way to give back!!


  9. I am SO happy for both of these ladies. How awesome! I love WLSFA…what an awesome group.

  10. P.S. I also submitted my application to volunteer and never heard back. I just figured I wasn’t needed. But a reply email would’ve been nice.

  11. Patrina says:

    So much progress in so short a time! You should all be very very proud of your accomplishments! Amazing!

  12. VSGis4me says:

    Reading this just brought me to tears. I can only imagine how thrilled the recipients must be to be given such an opportunity. I have been wanting WLS for years now, and would be thrilled if I could work out a way to get surgery. I am so happy for Connie and Sarah. I hope I will be able to keep track of their journeys. Thanks for sharing this news.

  13. Congratulations to both ladies, this is so awesome. Esp. congrats to Sarah, whose videos I’ve watched and I know how much she wants this and deserves it as well. It’s awesome that this has been put in place to help people!!

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