Episode 85: Sergeant Shepherd is Back!

Posted by on Aug 5, 2010 in Honeymoon Period, Pre-Op, Psychological Issues, Reviews, Weightloss Surgery Videos

On this weeks episode of BariatricTV, our “I freakin did it” is walking walking walking, our favorite Sergeant Shepherd tells you all about how weight loss surgery is not the easy way out, strange and weird emotions are perfectly normal after surgery, and we have miles to go for a review.


  • This weeks “I Freakin Did It” is Linda Eaves. She is walking and staying hydrated.
  • We pay a visit to Bariatric Brigade where Sergeant Shepherd show Private Towe how surgery is not the easy way out.
  • Things will change after surgery.
  • Right after surgery your body will be dealing with a nutritional deficit.
  • You fat cells will release stored estrogen.
  • As your estrogen then lowers your body will release MAO.
  • After weight loss surgery you may have unexplained bouts of anger or sadness.
  • We review a great site called Miles To Go.


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7 Responses to “Episode 85: Sergeant Shepherd is Back!”

  1. baka (Ian) says:

    Welcome back Gunny!

    Two gerbils….. OMG ROFLCAKES!


  2. I showed hubby, he had tears streaming down his cheeks. TFF

  3. YourWLBuddy says:

    ouch. I just had a tum tuck and this one had me laughing and reaching for the pain pills.

    BTW: what does ROFLCAKES mean?

  4. DivaInHopkins says:

    LOVE IT!!!
    Yes you can gain all your weight back +++more pounds. Glad you addressed these issues.

  5. T2Nashville says:

    I bet you guys thought you’d never get almost 2 years worth of material to do these shows, did you? Isn’t it amazing how the forums are feeding your shows? Great job on this episode. Good reminders for all stages of WLS!

  6. Hey Tammy,

    I think there really is am ongoing list of shows topics that we can do. Partly because the journey keeps changing, and mainly because, as you stated, we get tons of ideas from you form members.

    Thanks for keeping those ideas coming!


  7. T2Nashville says:

    Also, I’ve spent some time today on the Miles To Go blog. That woman is fantastic! Such a profound wordsmith, too. Thanks for finding this one for us!

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