Surviving to Thriving

Posted by on Oct 2, 2010 in Weightloss Surgery Videos


Welcome to the Debut of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America’s Film Surviving to Thriving

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To play the film please click on the play arrow in the image below. If you find that your playback is jumpy and the video stops to buffer just click on the pause button. Keep the video paused for a few minutes and the entire video will download.

For higher quality video click on the the HD button. This button will toggle between HD and Standard Definition.

After viewing the film please go to to record a response video to let us know your thoughts about the film. The WLS Community response videos will be collected and edited to be part of the story as we show it to the world.

Additionally the crew here at BariatricTV would love to have your comments here in this post.


If after viewing you would like to make a donation to the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America please click on the Donate button in the side bar to the right. All donations received on October 2nd will be sent directly to the WLSFA.


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31 Responses to “Surviving to Thriving”

  1. woot im ready to watch
    enjoy everyone!
    *looks around to see who has popcorn*

  2. baka (Ian) says:

    Superb work Mike and Toni!

    Not a dry eye in our house


  3. This story was amazing and so close to home. Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. you all did a FANTASTIC job! Thank you!

  5. kodiaksheri says:

    Wow! Toni and Mike you rock! And thanks for WLSFA for getting this story out here! Wonderful!

  6. Great video! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could give many more gifts like this? What if every good bariatric surgeon offered just one free surgery per year – time and services donated to us? How many people could be helped…

  7. karasjourney says:

    AMAZING! lots of tears watching this! Thanks WLSFA!

  8. Big Mickey says:

    I just want to pop in and give a huge thank you to Rosemary and Connie for having the courage to share their story. It was an honor to be able to capture it and share it with the community. Our only wish is that this can open the door for many more who share similar stories. And can help the WLSFA to bring a chance at a new life to many more.

    Antonia – Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this.

    The BTV Crew

  9. I can’t tell you how this touched me! I’ve had every flavor of tears during this beautiful peace; pain and sorrow for what they went through, tears of understanding I’ve been that girl on the floor, and tears of joy for Connie to get her life back and grab it with both hands. This was beautiful!

  10. I want to thank Rosemary and Connie for sharing this life story with us. I know it had to be hard becuz some of it I know 1st hand. It touched me in a way that brought out some hidden feelings. I cant wait to see Connie’s transformation after the surgery. I know Connie a bit. She sent me a card on my surgery day showing my beginning new life. And Rosemary I talk to all the time. Both are the sweetest kindest women. Connie deserves this. And WLSFA Thank you for all you do. And bariactrictv Toni and Mike thank you also.
    Antonia Keep doing what your doing. God gave you a blessing.

  11. Wow! An amazing story. I will certainly be praying for you too that every word Rosemary spoke will come to pass for her and Connie. Love you!!

  12. This is a wonderful story. My heart goes out to you both. What a blessing to receive. God has truly smiled on you both. I was crying through the whole thing. OHHH Connie a re-birth awaits you. How amazing you’re going to see life through those beautiful eyes. I always see Rose smiling and I think it’s really big but, I think the day of your surgery… it’s going to get bigger. I love the two of you. May God continue to smile upon you both. Love ya


  13. You two remind me of my sister Mandy and I. My sister has worked so hard and has tried so hard but it always seems something gets in the way (no insurance, etc). I hated talking to her about my surgery and everything I can do now because I feel her pain, I know where she is and it hurts to see her stuck in the place where I was. I’m so happy that both of you will begin to experience life together. I know it’ll bring you two closer. I hope the foundation continues to grow and people will believe in what it stands for.

  14. Rosemary and Connie – thank you for being so open and so sharing of the intimacies of your life and your pain – and your growth and your joys. Everyone who views this documentary will find some measure of resonance in your story.

    Antonia – thank you for feeling the passion to take the step and make all this happen. WLSFA, though in it’s infancy, is destined to do great things in this WLS community. I feel priviledged to be a part of it and look forward to lending whatever energy I can to insure it’s growth and success.

    Mike and Toni – your videographic talents are wonderful! Thank you for your time and efforts to bring Rosemary’s and Connie’s story to the world~

    Love to everyone affected by this story.

    Marie Cicogni

  15. Powerful life impacting story..tears for both the young Rosemary and Connie.. Love, faith, trials.. Joy that Connie, gets to have her surgery. Thank you, ladies.. You are loved. WLS.. Please consider Myranda’s sister Mandy, (mrgranda)..utube, as another candidate for the love gift of a new life beginning. Both these ladies do not know me.. I have watched all their utube videos without subscribing or commenting. They like Rosemary and Connie, are special beautiful souls and worth putting forth for consideration. Blessings.

  16. Very heartfelt, Thank you to all who
    helped to put Rosemary & Connies story
    here to show everyone, hopefully including
    people who have never had to live in the life
    of an obese person, To see that we are more than
    just fat people, we are someone’s son or
    daughter, sister or brother, mother or father.
    My point being, we have feelings, and all we
    want is to be treated with the same love and
    kindness everyone deserves.

  17. Trysh (Pat) says:

    You did an amazing job with this video telling Rosemary and Connie’s story, it resonated so deeply with me being an overweight person all my life. Thank you!!!! Well done!

  18. BigGurlX (Yvette) says:

    Rosemary and Connie you did great! Connie, I am so happy you will *finally* get your surgery so you and your hubby can get *busy*! lol. I always follow Rosemary on Youtube so I feel like I know her…Anyways Congrats Connie for being the first weightloss recepriant of the WLSFA! Oh and try not to make too many googlie eyes at Dr. Garth Davis.. He IS a hottie! <–sop him up with gravey! lol
    Goodluck in all things!

  19. BigGurlX (Yvette) says:

    Oh and thanks goes out to Antonia for starting this WONDERFUL organization!
    Yvette :-)

  20. Last night was like a dream. Thank you all for your kind comments. Mike and Toni, Thank you for binging my vision to life with your talents and compassion. Lets hope the donations come rolling in and we help many.

  21. “This is Rosemary” Dear Mike and Toni… You will never know how much this has meant to me and my sister . It is more then I could ever have said alone for so many years I have played this video in my head over and over again with so much pain ,and yet with also much love not because of only the bad things that happen but also the hard times that we had to endure it made me who I am and I Thank God everyday for every step I take …And now Connie will take those steps and because of your love and hard work My sister and I will walk together and I pray that you will see the joy in our life for you saw the story as we told it…Thank you my friends until we meet again big big HUGS…love ya both, love rosemary

  22. Sheri Burton says:

    Im so proud of everyone and Im so proud to be a part of WLSFA . I love you Rosemary and cant wait to see Connie go through her journey. This is AMAZING , AMAZING ! I felt every word and my heart has so much pain and happiness for you and Connie . WLSFA picked the first amzing person and I am again so proud of everyone ! I have lived through your happiness and sadness. Today I too do not just exist…… I LIVE ! What an amazing journey we have ! Hugs………….SHER

  23. Wow…that’s all I can say. I’m so happy for Connie and Rosemary. This organization is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait for Connie to begin her journey. Because of this organization, Connie and Rosemary are going to fulfill their dream of walking hand in hand, healthy and happy, through this journey we call life. I pray many blessings upon WLSFA because they are changing lives..from surviving to thriving!

  24. I was in tears..godbless u Connie. I wish u the best on your upcoming surgery. You will now know what is it like to live. I am a lapbander and I was suffering and wantd to die. 1 year out and I am 85lbs down. you have no idea of the freedom that awaits you. hugs and kisses :)

  25. LeAnne (Army Wife) says:

    What an awesome story. I think it’s so amazing that with WLSFA still in its infancy that it is doing so much. They are giving life back to people!!

  26. Carey (aka freshorangina) says:

    What an amazing story! I am so happy and proud of each and every person who worked so hard to make this happen, and bring the dream into reality. Connie, Rosemary, when you walk down the street together, the only thing thrown at you will be pride and praise. I love you both so much! Thank you for being such amazing members of the community, and helping so many through your lives. You are both angels on this earth.

  27. Lovely story, very touching. Thank you all.

  28. Kristen (minifyk) says:

    Thank-you Rosemary and Connie for bravely sharing your story. Your story hit close to home and I was in tears by the end.

    As a health care provider, it angers me that because of insurance companies, organizatons like the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America are necessary. God bless the WLSFA and the people they help.

  29. Jen Hauss says:

    WOW!!! truly touching and heartfelt! Thank you to all who were involved for showing us not only a great WLS story but showing the love and compassion of 2 sisters.

  30. Just home from fishing and I couldn’t wait to see the movie. As I sit here trying to see my computer screen through my tears I just can’t tell you enough what a fabulous job you did and how heartfelt and touching it was. I so agree with the sisters that WLS does make you feel alive, you can move and be alive in every moment of your day when you are free of obesity. I have felt this way since June and my surgery. I’m so excited for the sister who is getting the surgery and I hope there is a follow up with her and her success. Great job BTV – you always rock it!!

  31. Bravo!

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