Sorry no show this week

Posted by on Jun 10, 2011 in Weightloss Surgery Videos

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I am sorry to report that we don’t have a show for this week Freaks. With Danielle (Prompter Girl) having her surgery on Monday we just ran out of time to get the show shot and edited. However we promise to make up for it next week with oodles of shows from the ASMBS conference in Florida. We’ll have interview with many product and service providers as well as interviews with key researchers at the show.

As for Danielle she is doing very well. She had her RNY early on Monday morning and was released on Wednesday afternoon. She is up and about and her and I have taken a few short walks in the neighborhood over the last two days. She’s doing great on getting in her fluids in and is starting on some soft foods like pudding and jello. She started her vitamins yesterday and is experimenting with different protein drinks to find a couple she really likes.

Thanks again for all of you kind thoughts and prayers as my baby girl is starting out on her journey. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again… YOU FREAKS ROCK!!!


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4 Responses to “Sorry no show this week”

  1. T2Nashville says:

    WOOHOO! She’s a very freaky girl….

  2. So glad the hear she is doing so well. Can’t wait to follow her on her journey!! Hugs to y’all.

  3. so Happy she is going OK!… Looking forward to following her journey!.. Best of luck <3

  4. Danielle, congragualtions on becoming freakified and at a young age, my regret was waiting so long. Also would like more information your age weight when started and weight now what are you eating and drinking and what is your favorite vitamins and protein drinks so far exercise info the more info the better.
    Names for the show”
    Danielles “freaking” Journey
    Danielle’s Destination
    Finding Danielle
    Bariatric Danielle Amazing Ride

    Danielles Bariatric Wonderland

    Linda Nipper

    May the force be with you :-)

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